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TiO2/TiO2Ag Safety Information Index:

(Data Compiled: November 25, 2009)

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1. U.S. FDA: "Ag can be widely produced and used in various products because of its excellent benefits"

FDA of USA announced on September 13, 1991, that "This particle (Ag) can be widely produced and used in various products because of its excellent benefits...."
U.S. FDA: "100 years After the Pure Food & Drug Act"


Sixth paragraph: "FDA approved TiO2 as a food color additive in 1966 with the stipulation that the additive was not to exceed 1% by weight... The FDA approved TiO2 as a "food contact substance" as well, meaning that it is safe to incorporate it into food package... Market analysts predict that the nanotechnology market for food and food packaging could be $20 billion by 2010."

2. Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan


"Safety Claim: Titanium dioxide is recognized safe and no-harm to human health as it has been long used as food additives (chewing gum, white chocolate, toothpastes, etc.) and cosmetics, although further studies on its safety is being studied continuously because of the binders used to fix TiO2 onto personal use fabrics, like towel/clothes. Makers are liable to testify the safety on own products by public safety test agents before placing the products on the market."

(Important: X-TIO2 do not require binders at all when applying TiO2 on any substrate, so there is no safety concern.)

3. International Labor Organization/International Occupational Safety &Health Information Center (CIS)


ICSC: 0338/ Titanium Dioxide : Safety measure in case of human contacts:

"Not combustible"

"Exposure by Inhalation: Give fresh air and rest."

"By skin contact: Rinse and then wash skin with water and soap."

"By eye contact: May cause redness. First rinse with plenty of water for severalMinutes (remove contact lenses if easily possible), then take to a doctor.

"By ingestion: Rinse mouth."

From the above safety measures, it is clearly understood that TiO2 is a non-toxic, non-harm substance to human body.


Safety Information Index: 1 2 3 4 5

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