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(Data Compiled: November 25, 2009)

The results had identified the comparison between X-TIO2NT TiO2 and other TiO2 as shown in Table 2: X-TIO2NT TiO2 claim for super adhesion at low temperature process.

Table 2: Adhesion test for X-TIO2NT TiO2

Durability Comparison

TiO2 is inorganic material, stable and non toxic. Also, it has good anti-etching and durability. If available photocatalyst sol containing organic binder be sprayed on any substrates and fixed under the low-temperature condition, it will have the problem of durability. Conversely, X-TiO2TM Ti's product has no binder. So we make conjectures for excellent durability.

The followings are the anti-solvent test methods of X-TiO2TM Ti (Table 3).

1.Spray the photocatalyst sol on the ceramic tile and solidify TiO2 with special method.

2.Drip the acetone to TiO2 thin films on the tile.

3.Because of acetone can dissolve binder, polishing tile with cotton cloth. Potocatalystic film still exists on the tile and does not dissolve by acetone.

4.This method can easily prove no binder needed in our products.

5.It also proves indirectly that ours has the excellent durability.

Table 3: Durability Comparison

Photocatalytic Activity Comparison

Photocatalytic material (TiO2) is a kind of semiconductor photoelectric material. According to the photo-exciting TiO2 produce electron-hole pair and induce the redox of chemical reaction in the surface, photocatalytic material (TiO2) bring forth many functions, like anti-bacteria, deodorization, self-cleaning, anti-UV, and solar cell. These functions are good criteria index for photocatalytic activity. Table 4 shows the functions test methods:

Table 4 : The test methods of photocatalystic activity

Based on the method of Solar cell, X-TiO2TM Ti can test its photocatalystic activity in several minutes. The method will improve the developing process of X-TiO2TM Ti in the photocatalytic material field. Table 5 shows the other company TiO2 coated at low temperature didn't have photocatalytic activity, due to the influence occurred by binder and/or dispersing agents. X-TIO2NT TiO2 coated at low temperature claim for excellent photocatalytic activity.

Table 5: Photocatalytic Activity Comparison (internal comparison)

The comparisons among all techniques available now:

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